Saturday March 11 to Saturday March 18 @ Kyoto, Japan

organized by Atelier de Création Sonore et Musicale 116(ACSM116) in cooperation with Motus, compagnie musicale

Venue: Doshisha Women’s College, Kyotanabe campus, Kyoto, Japan



〈Program〉@Shokeikan K101Hall

Saturday March 11 to Monday March 13
Each day from 17:00  Concert : Works selected by CCMC

Saturday March 11 at 17:00 Concert 1: Works selected by CCMC
Sugiura Natsuki「unibirth」/  Niimi Toru「Di desa Celuk 」/ Tsuzuki Kenji「Brain break」/ Tanaka Keiichi 「Wild electronic seed plants purifying action」/ Hashimoto Yuji 「YOZA」

Sunday March 12 at 17:00 Concert 2: Works selected by CCMC
Manuella Blackburn「Cupboard Love」/ Goto Hayato 「sound-storing land」/ Oda Masafumi 「Noble Soul」/ Iwakuma Keiko 「Yume」/ Iwata Wataru 「Principium Mundi」

Monday March 13 at 17:00 Concert 3: Works selected by CCMC
Nicola Fumo Frattegiani 「Soffio ipostatico」/ Dante Tanzi「Percola」/ Hosokawa Masaaki 「Just pull it.」/ Hara Yuma 「Space Exploration on Paper」/ Sugawara Seishu 「思考乃湖/Thinking」

CCMC2023 Prizesclick here!

List of the selected works→click here!

Monday March 13 night:
Annoucement of the CCMC2023 prizes (ACSM116, MOTUS, FUTURA)
@ our website:

Tuesday March 14 from 17:00 Acousmatic Music Live Concert 1
works by :  Shibayama Takuro / Nagamatsu Yuka / Matsumiya Keita /David Jorda-Manaut / Watanabe Ai / Yoshio Masatsune

Wednesday March 15 from 17:00 Acousmatic Music Live Concert 2
works by : Ashimoto Kenji / Morita Shinichi / Hirano Saburo/Ohkubo Motoki / rakasuproject. / Ushiyama Taira / Kasai Masanori

Thusday March 16 from 17:00 Acousmatic Music Live Concert 3
works by : Higaki Tomonari / Amano Chiaki / Takahashi Tetsuo  /Tashiro Hiroki / Banno Iwao / French composer work

Friday March 17 from 17:00 Acousmatic Music Live Concert 4
works by : Narita Kazuko  /Nagase Gen / Okada Tomonori  /Abe Mutsumi  / Ueno Wataru  / Katsufuji Tamako / Ishigami Kazuya

Saturday March 18 from 17:00 Acousmatic Music Live Concert 5
Okamoto Hisashi / Watanabe Hiromi / Hayashi Kyohei / Sato Ayako  / Ohtsuka Yuki  /Takano Hiromu

〈Program〉@Shokeikan K123 room 

●Demonstration & conference: “How to play Acousmonium”
Saturday March 11, 15:20 to 16:40
by members of Motus Compagnie musicale (France) in French, with Japanese translation

●Demonstration & conference: Introduction and demonstration of the MotusLab Tool, a recording and playback software for Acousmonium performance by members of Motus Compagnie musicale (France) and Pierre Couprie、the developer of the software (in French, with Japanese translation)
Tuesday March 14, 15:30 to 16:30

●Demonstration & conference: How to analyze an Acousmonium performance using MotusLab Tool, a recording and playback software for Acousmonium performance by members of Motus Compagnie musicale (France) and Pierre Couprie、the developer of the software (in French, with Japanese translation)
Thursday March 16, 15:30 to 16:30

●Auto demonstration of the MotusLab Tool, a recording and playback software for Acousmonium performance
Saturday March 18, 15:30 to 16:30

〈Program for attendees (no additional reservation required)〉

●CCMC Original Documentary Short Films ~ Interviews to Composers ~
1/Michel Chion  2/Denis Dufour  3/Uehara Kazuo


〈Program〉 @ ACSM116 Youtube Channel
(Mid-March to Mid-April: more details to be announced later)

All program will be open to the audience (reservations required/ free admission) but please note that in case of a sudden spread of the Covid-19, the concert may be closed to public.

Admission is free, but reservations are required.
Reservations will be accepted beginning February 10. 2023.

The reservation form:

For inquiry, please e-mail to :


About ACSM116 and CCMC

The Atelier de Creation Sonore et Musicale 116 (ACSM116), is a Japanese voluntary organization founded by Japanese composers and academics. Since 2001, ACSM116 has organized The Contemporary Computer Music Concert (CCMC) Festival in Tokyo and/or in Kyoto. The CCMC concerts are characterized by the use of an Acousmonium.

The Acousmonium is a sound diffusion system designed in 1974 by François Bayle, who was then leading the famous “Groupe de Recherches Musicales (GRM)”. This system is called the “orchestra of loudspeakers” as it combines various loudspeakers to “project” into space the electroacoustic music sound.

For more information about past CCMC concerts, please click below.

CCMC 2001-2010

<updated on 13 March 2023>
CCMC2023 Prizesclick here!

<updated on 15 January 2023>
List of the selected worksclick here!

We closed the call for works. The selected works will be announced in mid-January 2023.

We call for works to be performed at the CCMC2023 Computer Music Festival (scheduled in Kyoto at Doshisha Women’s College Kyotanabe campus, Japan).

the PDF version of entry guidelines→CCMC2023 call for music

The entry period: October 1st, 2022, 00:00 to October 31, 2022, 23:59 ( GTM+9)

!!! The entry form (google form) is now open!

The entry fee: US$25 (twenty five US dollars) payment through Paypal required



January 2023
Announcement of the Selected Works on our website: works are selected by academic music professionals.

March 2023     The CCMC2023 Concert (scheduled in Kyoto, Japan)/ Announcement of the winners of the three prizes (The ACSM116, FUTURA and MOTUS prizes) on our website.



There’ no limit of age or nationality, Group entry is also accepted.

However, winners of the past Prize ACSM116 cannot submit.

Moreover, one person can submit only one entry, double entries even as group and individual are not allowed.

In case of participation by minors, they must confirm that they have parental consent to participate.

All works selected for CCMC2023 will be performed by our committee members, you are not required to perform by yourself. In case you want to perform at the concert, please contact us.




– Original Electroacoustic music work or acousmatic work (fixed media), unreleased or unpublished. Remix work is not accepted.

-Soundfile format: 48Khz/24bit Stereo2ch WAV file

-Duration: minimum 3 minutes, maximum 7 minutes


All work must be kept unreleased or unpublished until the selection of the work on January 2023, and if your work is selected for CCMC2023, the unreleased or unpublished period will be extended until its performance at the CCMC2023 concert. “Unreleased or unpublished” means that you may not release, present, perform or publish it in other concert, festival, broadcasting or in any other means that may cause the work to be known by the public. If we find a violation, the entry will be cancelled even after the selection of the work. The entry fee will not be refunded in any case.



1) Prepare the sound file of the work. The sound file name should be the work title. Do not use your name as the file name.

 [Caution!!]  for the sound file name, do not use “space hyphen space “(_-_).

(2) Prepare the information necessary for entry:

●Entrant’s e-mail address

●Work information
Title, program note or work concept, Time duration

●Entrant’s information
name, (group name, co-creator name) ,short bio, occupation (if a student, school name), nationality, address and phone number

(3)Please pay the entry fee with Paypal and save the receipt (payment information) as a pdf file.

Paypal link:

Google form link:

!!! The entry form (google form) is now open.
※Please do not forget to attach your work and the Paypal receipt to the application form.


About your personal information

The protection of your personal information matters to us. Your name, e-mail address, and all other personal information will be used only for the purpose of organizing and managing the concert, in accordance with Japan’s Personal Information Protection Law.

If you have inquiry about our use of your personal information, please contact us:

Attn: Hisako Hashiguchi /


CCMC2023 Festival information

The Festival will be held in Kyoto on March 2023, but if there is a new epidemic surge in Japan at that  period, the festival may be not open to the public. In this case, all performances in the concert hall will be recorded (binaural) just as CCMC2022 and all performances will be published on Internet.


Program (tentative)

  • Computer Music competition concert
  • French and Japanese composers’ concert
  • Presentation of French composers’ short interview videos


Scheduled period: Mid-March 2023 (More detail to be announced on ACSM116 website)

Venue: Shokeikan Hall of Doshisha Women’s College


About  ACSM116 Atelier de Création Sonore et Musicale 116


Kazuko Narita (Composer, Professor at Doshisha Women’s College)

Committee members

Kenji Ashimoto (Composer, Associate Professor, Kunitachi College of Music)/Hidefumi Izukawa (Composer, Shakuhachi Performer, Junior Associate Professor at Osaka University of Arts)/Hisashi Okamoto (Composer, Professor at Kansai University of International Studies)/Masanori Kasai (Composer, Professor at Doshisha Women’s College)/Takuro Shibayama (Composer, Professor at Tokyo Denki University)/Masahiro Sugaya (Composer, Arranger)/Hiromu Takano (Composer, Sound engineer)/Hisako Hashiguchi (Translator, CCC Media House Co, Ltd.)/Tomonari Higaki (Composer, Acousmonium performer, Associate Professor at Tokai University)/Masatsune Yoshio (Associate Professor, Showa University of Music)/Taro Yoshihara (Composer, Lecturer at University of Yamanashi)


Honorary President
Naonori Isomura (Former director of the Japan Cultural Institute in Paris)

Honorary Vice President
Suzuko Yoshida (Former Director of the Fujita Contemporary Music Documentation Center)

Office: 6-12-804 Katamachi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Japan

Email: (Secretariat: Ms. Hashiguchi)